My wife and I met Betty-Jo at one of the open houses she was hosting and we were immediately impressed by her knowledge and expertise on Pacific Palisades real estate. We learned a lot about the neighborhood from her and decided to hire her as our buyer's agent. And, let me just say, we couldn't have been happier with this decision. Betty-Jo and her team was extremely helpful along the entire process. They gave us great insights around each specific house we looked at, and provided great guidance in sending offers and counter-offers. Such advice and knowledge was extremely helpful to us: As engineers, we can do math, analysis, and extensive web searches, but it is hard for us to get deep insights on what the neighborhood is like, what other buyers or sellers are thinking, and how to make our offers stand out during the bidding process, and Betty-Jo offered just that! In the end, we got a house we really loved, and Betty-Jo made the entire process smooth and painless. We would not hesitate to hire her again if we were to buy another house or sell our current house in the future

Abel X.

Excellent agent for me and my wife as first-time homebuyers. Betty-Jo is knowledgeable, skilled and responsive. Understood both the rational and emotional decision making process and guided us through it with ease. She was our advocate throughout the process and were happy to have her in our corner. Could not be happier.

Jeff S.

Buyers and sellers who have the opportunity to work with Betty-Jo while buying or selling a home are in extraordinary hands. Her warm smile, easy laugh, and authentically honest and sincere personality make her an ideal partner in the natural stress of transitioning real estate. She is also a fierce advocate for her clients; a world-class negotiator, a holder of confidences, and a protector of privacy and the needs of her clients on every level. When it comes to the details after an offer is accepted, Betty-Jo and her team are seamlessly professional. She is embedded with and respected by her colleagues in the industry, and her close relationships with auxiliary service providers (escrow, inspections, lenders, and others) make her clients feel like VIP insiders. Indeed, they are!

Elizabeth T.

Betty-Jo and her team made a difficult sale become a reality. We found our family's dream home, but there were multiple obstacles to get the deal closed. Betty-Jo's knowledge, deep relationships with key players, and calm demeanor turned the challenges into SOLD.

Kent & Varvara A.

Betty-Jo is the BEST!! We choose her because we knew she would fulfill on what she said she would do for us and she did it! We put our home in the market after consulting with her and trusting her with the price she thought our home would get and she was right on target. Then Betty-Jo said she'd like to get our home sold within 30 days and hopefully with multiple offers. It all worked out and we did have a strong buyer with an equally strong backer. Our home was sold within 30 days and we are very grateful for Betty-Jo's expertise and guidance in this industry! Betty-Jo, thank you for doing such a great job for us and, if anyone is looking for a great real estate agent, she's the ONE!.

Madeline L.

We have used Betty-Jo to buy and sale our homes. She beat our high expectations! We were impressed with her professionalism, pragmatic business sense and her transperancy in providing and evaluating offers. Most importantly, BettyJo is honest, loyal and has the integrity in a business where some real estate agents will say anything to close the deal. You get the message — Betty-Jo is the best!

Paul K.

I have worked with Betty Jo for the past 17 years, and each time she delivers above and beyond. She is so very professional, and always a pleasure to work with. Such a nice person as well. Kudos to Jasmin as well for her professionalism through the whole transaction.

Courtney J.

From the moment I hired Betty-Jo, it was as though someone hit the fast forward button! She sprang into action, helping me make arrangements for carpeting and staging the house. In short order, the house was transformed. Betty-Jo commissioned stunning photos for websites, brochures, and mailings. She implemented a very effective marketing plan designed to create a buzz about the house. The result – within 10 days, a multitude of exciting offers. Betty-Jo negotiated a price significantly above my asking price. Who could ask for more? Betty-Jo’s integrity, drive and positive attitude are an inspiration. It was a joy to work with her!

Bobette N.

Betty-Jo made the challenging process of selling our family home as easy and enjoyable as possible. She is professional, personable, and takes a very active role in supporting the many tasks that go into an estate sale. She arranged local professionals to help organize, donate and clear out the house contents, packers and movers, and transforming the house into a showpiece for sale. All this was immensely helpful as an out-of-state seller. The sales presentation and marketing was energetic and successful. Very responsive, constant communication throughout, excellent support from her office. Highly recommended - thank you Betty-Jo!

Jim T.

Betty Jo was patient and responsive with us throughout the whole process. She was able to guide me through the sales of another property and found a perfect pocket listing for my family in the area that we were searching in at a price that we can afford. We enjoyed the process with her and her team.

May S.

I can highly recommend Betty-Jo Tilley. This recommendation is based on her experience, understanding of all aspects of the real estate sales process, outstanding communication and organizing skills, and focused attention to the task from the start of marketing through completion of the sale.

Bill J.

When my long-time clients decided to sell their home in the Palisades, I searched the field to find the agent who could best help them attain the top result with the least worry. I was delighted when they choose from my short list the agent I thought- but didn't say- best suited them.

From suggesting improvements, arranging staging, and patiently showing their home to the hundreds who walked in the front door as a result of your detailed marketing efforts, to the close of escrow - on time - at full list price - Betty-Jo was everything I had hoped for as their listing agent.

After decades as a real estate lawyer, I'll share the secret for success in marketing a home: find the right listing agent. In the Palisades, that secret is Betty-Jo Tilley.

Alan G.

Betty-Jo was amazing when we bought a house in the Palisades. She knows the area inside and out. She was ALWAYS available to us, even when there was a flurry of activity at odd hours. Assisting buyers can often be a "stop and start" process but Betty-Jo's support and enthusiasm never wavered. We always felt as though she wanted us to find our dream home rather than simply find us any house. We were successful thanks to Betty-Jo. She is as kind as she is knowledgeable. We could not recommend her more highly.

Steve S.

When I decided to sell my home in the Palisades, the first (and only) broker I called was Betty-Jo. Her knowledge of the real estate market in the Palisades is unsurpassed. Betty-Jo is on top of local sales and listings and has many contacts within the field. When we decided that my house would sell better if it was staged, Betty-Jo provided professionals who could help with that. The house sold quickly and at a good price. I was sad to leave the Palisades, but I have only gratitude to Betty-Jo for the great job she did, listing, marketing and selling my house.

Temple R.

Betty-Jo did an excellent job on both the buying and selling end, helping us to complete several home purchases and sales in Pacific Palisades. Always a pleasure to work with Betty-Jo -- everything taken care of without stress.

Karen E.

She found our dream house , then did an excellent job selling our previous home. We had intended to live in current home until our kids left for college, but she did such a good job matching our interests to the property, we have no intention of selling (sorry BJT).

Rick F.

Betty Jo has helped me with numerous real estate transactions. She is an absolute professional, who knows her stuff. Not only that is so pleasant, which is a real plus when dealing with the stress of a home buy or sell. I feel 100% faith in Betty Jo, and recommend her with my highest accolades.

Courtney J.

We bought a new home and sold our existing home concurrently, with Betty-Jo overseeing every detail of a combined $10 million in real estate transactions, such as the many inspections, quickly prepping our house for sale, and negotiating on our behalf. I have a demanding work and travel schedule and Betty-Jo never failed to be available when I needed her. I’m sure this could be an extremely stressful process in the wrong hands, but Betty-Jo provided a strong support system of vendors, inspectors and services. Throughout the two sales, I knew she was guiding us to a successful conclusion, supporting our needs and carrying out our wishes in every possible way.

Wes N.

My family worked with Betty-Jo Tilley in selling our house in Brentwood - and we couldn't be happier! She was responsive, helpful, and helped us get the best price on our house. She is a full-service agent that pays attention to details and makes sure that the process runs smoothly and efficiently. I look forward to working with her again on our next sale

Alexa V.

Working with Betty-Jo Tilley to buy a new home and sell our longtime home was a good example of “be careful what you wish for.” I mentioned to her one day that my husband was interested in finding a one-of-a-kind, very special property. She knew our home at the time was really beautiful and it would take a lot to make us move. Betty-Jo had just the property in mind and it was truly unique, magical and irresistible to my husband. I was less convinced, but we went ahead anyway. I have a feeling Betty-Jo would never proceeded if she hadn’t somehow known that I’d end up being happier than ever there. She is that kind of agent and person.

I think the trait I most appreciate and admire about Betty-Jo is that she always made me feel as if she had nothing else to do besides take care of my real estate needs. I don’t know how she got anything else done during our two back-to-back transactions, but I saw her mailings and was aware she was doing a lot of business while taking care of us. She must provide the same level of service to others because I see her signs and hear of her sales.

Julie N.

When it came time to sell my mother-in-law's home in the Pacific Palisades, we interviewed area real estate professionals through a very discerning lens. We had the benefit of copious amounts of real estate experience between two lifelong brokers in the family. My husband, a retired third generation realtor on the Westside himself, knew specifically what was required. Additionally, we were now geographically far removed from the area. This was a very delicate inflection point for my mother-in-law, leaving her home of over fifty years and trading her autonomy for reliance on her family. We needed a professional with a very special and sophisticated set of skills. Suffice to say, we found all of this and more in Betty-jo Tilley and eagerly recommend her to anyone looking for the best.

Cheryl N.

Three times now I have been involved with Betty-Jo as a real estate broker. The first time I was adverse to her in the purchase of my first home. I was so taken with her professionalism and knowledge that I hired her for my next two transactions, a sale and a purchase.

As a lawyer, I look for competence in those I work with. She is truly one of the best there is out there. I would not make a real estate move without her at my side.

Michael S.

A few words of wisdom to those about to acquire a high-end home: Experience Matters—really.

Use an agent who has worked your area for years. Everyone wanted to show us a house—that part is easy. But we wanted a very specific property, and confidence from the start—we wanted a realtor with experience to manage the entire process. Experience working with the bank, with escrow, property management, the seller’s agent, door keys, inspectors, solving inevitable problems, finding us when we’re far away, telling us we’re on track. The happy call came to say we closed—we have a new home!

Betty-Jo Tilley with Berkshire Hathaway made it happen. Because she’s served buyers like us for twenty eight years.

Bob E.

I’ve been singing Betty-Jo’s praises as an agent extraordinaire ever since she represented us in both a purchase and sale of our homes. She helped us strategize a winning offer in a hyper-competitive time and then advised and coached us on every detail up through the closing. Without her, I’m sure we wouldn’t be in our wonderful home today. Throughout the escrow, Betty-Jo and her outstanding team gave us terrific support so we didn’t miss any detail. Her team handled much of our scheduling, and provided all the handholding we needed. On our sale, she again helped us set a price that brought in multiple offers and ultimately led us to a sale price significantly above our expectations. Again, her expertise and professionalism were invaluable! We had to be out of town during some of the crazy final days, and her staff just took over on our behalf. Being able to rely on Betty-Jo and her team took much of the anxiety out of the equation on both ends. I had had the pleasure of knowing Betty-Jo for over 16 years, both personally and professionally. She is honest, reliable, creative, intelligent, supportive, responsive- true grace under pressure, and one of the nicest people I know. Her integrity and sensitivity are what set her apart from the rest. I highly recommend her!

Andrea B.

Betty-Jo was a godsend when we were trying to purchase a house in Los Angeles while still living on the east coast in Boston. Not knowing much about the area, Betty-Jo gave us great advice on where we should look on the Westside of LA (Brentwood, Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades). After seeing a house we liked on our only house-hunting trip to LA, Betty-Jo went out of her way to go take detailed photographs of it for us since we couldn't go see it again in person. We ended up buying that home with Betty-Jo's help – she was very professional and thorough in helping us negotiate the home-buying process for the first time. Betty-Jo is extremely well connected locally and was happy to refer us to architects, plumbers, piano tuners, termite companies, and more - all of whom were wonderful to work with. Since then, Betty-Jo sold that first house for us and helped us purchase another one in the area. I would highly recommend her to help you with any of your real estate needs!

Kristen D.

Betty-Jo Tilley helped us sell our lot in Pacific Palisades. She is a true real estate professional and she also is someone that you might like as a friend. She helped us realistically price our lot so it was in the saleable range. Then she took photographs to post on line that helped people to see the potential for building a home on the lot. Her marketing was so good that we immediately had an offer. We do not think the For Sale sign even went up before it sold. She helped us all the way until the escrow closed and was always available to answer our questions. She made the stressful process of selling seem seamless. We would highly recommend her because she knows the area so well, she is a hard worker, and she gets the job done!

Cindy K.

Betty Jo represented me as a buyer when I bought my home in Pacific Palisades. It was during a very tough, competitive market when houses were in short supply and had multiple offers. I was a single Mom and really needed that particular house, due to its affordability, for me to remain in the Palisades where I've lived for decades.
The agent who represented the seller said that Betty Jo's presentation of me as a candidate -- why it should be ME and not the others that should own this house --was so thorough, so specific and so personalized that she felt that was the tipping point as to why the seller agreed it should be sold to me, and not the many other people in line.
Enough said! She's the best!

Kimberly B.

My family has lived in Pacific Palisades since the 1930s, so our attachment to the family home and to the community run deep. When it came time to sell my parent’s home, our family needed a real estate agent who would not only help us sell the property, but help us get through a difficult personal experience. From our first meeting through the close of escrow, Betty-Jo Tilley guided the process with her in-depth knowledge of the Palisades real estate market and the sound advice that only an experienced professional can provide. Within just a few days of listing our property, Betty-Jo had identified and found multiple potential buyers, one of whom promptly bought our property at a very fair price. But it wasn’t just to business side of selling the house that was important to us. We all appreciated Betty-Jo’s kindness, support, and generosity as we went through the steps needed to close this chapter of our lives. ?
If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Palisades, I can recommend Betty-Jo Tilley with full confidence.

Rob M.

Betty-Jo is an absolutely fantastic real estate agent! She and her team sold our old home for a record amount and helped us buy our new one in Pacific Palisades, beating out 10 other offers. She excels at negotiation and marketing. She knows the Westside market like no one else. She has impeccable integrity, which is sorely lacking in her business. If you are planning to sell or buy in the Westside of Los Angeles, you need to contact Betty-Jo. I can't imagine why everyone doesn't.

Edward T.

We have known Betty-Jo for over twenty years. She has represented us as both the buyer and sellers' agent in numerous real estate transactions. Betty-Jo's experience about every facet of the real estate world is incredibly thorough. She has an exceptional knowledge of the local real estate market. The real estate process is always complete and professional with her. She always responds promptly to our inquiries. Her negotiations on our behalf have always resulted in a better outcome for us. Her marketing strategy is always great. In short, she is a terrific realtor.

Steve P.

Our experience(s) with Betty-Jo date back to the early 1990's and include the sales of 2 houses as well as the purchases of 2 houses over the years through 2013. Her step-by-step suggestions (as sellers) on how to show a house helped us to feel secure in economically presenting the property in its best light. For the house we sold in 2013, she proactively offered invaluable suggestions on replacing a window and carpeting as well as a myriad of minor details to present the house in the most attractive way. Both this house and the first one we sold received multiple offers. As buyers we always felt secure that our best interests were represented well. BJ has extensive knowledge of the real estate market, including various architectural styles. She has our whole-hearted recommendation as the real estate professional to use on the westside.

Deb G.

Betty-Jo was instrumental in presenting an offer on my behalf and getting it accepted in competition with 15 other buyers. As a real estate investor and lender with many years of experience, I am qualified to attest to her high degree of professionalism, courtesy and expertise. She is extremely responsive and very easy to work with. I enthusiastically recommend Betty-Jo to anyone.

Dan Z.

Betty Jo represented us in both the buying and selling of a home. She knows everything about Pacific Palisades real estate and uses this expertise to create maximum value for her clients. In the selling of our home, she ran a process that generated 6 strong offers within 10 days of listing. She was available by email, text and phone at all times of day to strategize with us and provide her advice. When it came to all the logistics of the actual closing process, she and her team are extremely detail oriented. I didn't have to worry that anything would fall through the cracks. They were on top of everything.

Claire C.

Betty-Jo helped me buy my condo 18 years ago...but more importantly she just helped me sell my place. Big life changes...a new job, across the country and selling my beloved condo -- Betty-Jo stepped in and took care of everything. I'm not sure it could have happened without Betty-Jo and her amazing team of stagers, escrow experts and closers (office team) that made sure all the details were completed with me on the east coast. The entire process was handled via cell phone, email and text. I'm not sure I could have done that without the full faith I had in Betty-Jo and her mighty band of real estate experts. I never worried that it wasn't being handled properly. Buying and selling a home is a huge life decision...it is always a good idea to have Betty-Jo on your team when taking life altering steps like this! When somebody makes the process seem easy....you know they are truly amazing! Thanks for making the process seem easy!

Brenda A.

While helping us house hunt, Betty-Jo kept both me and my wife happy even though we approach things differently. During escrow I was busy at work. I was able to completely rely on Betty-Jo and her expertise and thoroughness to successfully protect our interests in the transaction.

Steve A.

I'm so happy we chose Betty-Jo to help us find a new home in Pacific Palisades. I'm a very detail-oriented person and I ask a lot of questions. I knew I needed a realtor who would respond to this. Betty-Jo was always there for us every step of the way! And, I was so pleased that Betty-Jo understood my architectural sensibilities and helped us find just the right ranch-style home that we were hoping for.

Cameron B.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Betty-Jo Tilley and her team at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services in connection with the sale of our long time family home. Our parents had both passed away and it was time for me and my siblings, all of whom had grown up in the house, to sell. The property definitely presented some challenges. It had been built 60 years previously and was in dire need of updating. On the other hand, it also possessed some unique architectural features not found in contemporary designs. Betty-Jo not only rose to, but embraced the challenges, and devised and implemented a marketing strategy that presented the property in its most favorable light and generated a high volume of interest. Within less than a week of the first showing we had received 16 offers, 11 at or above the asking price. Betty-Jo organized, analyzed and prioritized these multiple offers and led us through a process of counter offers that resulted in a very favorable selling price. Throughout the process Betty-Jo and her team demonstrated a great feel for, and understanding of, the real estate market in the Palisades and they exhibited a very professional, and at the same time warm and personal, approach. We highly recommend Betty-Jo to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and capable real estate agent to guide them through the process.

John K.

Betty-Jo is a very knowledgeable local agent. Her efficiency is incredible. She is kind, patient and responsible. She is a fantastic negotiator. My husband and I will recommend her to all our friends and family

Elly F.

I needed a home in the Palisades with a first floor bedroom to accommodate my aging mother, at a reasonable cost. Betty-Jo located and presented numerous alternatives over a period of months. Betty- Jo helped me to accomplish my objective. We found a property meeting our needs and made a reasonable all cash offer, but the seller was unrealistic about price. Betty-Jo nonetheless followed through and after the seller had two deals fall through, we closed at my all cash offering price. Betty- Jo then walked us through every step on the inspection process, including attending meetings with contractors. I am satisfied with our purchase.
I sincerely recommend Betty-Jo to anyone seeking to list or purchase a property in the Palisades.

Fred H.

Our recently closed transactions hit home as to why we think Betty-Jo is the best agent around, both professionally and ethically: Her honesty, impeccable eye for detail, extremely competent staff and how easy she is to work with!

Jill L.

Betty-Jo is simply incredible. Her knowledge of the local housing market gave us huge edge in terms of timing our sale and maximizing our selling price. Prior to the house even going into multiple listings, she found us a buyer and got us our price. After the sale, she worked closely with the escrow company and made the entire process completely painless. The entire experience far surpassed our expectations and was actually a pleasure...how often can you say that about selling a house?

Grant R.